Operation Ferdinand is a unique predator and livestock conflict prevention effort that is a novel blending of ecological education and video game design. 

The main effort of Operation Ferdinand is a multi-use downloadable video game for Windows and OS X that will teach best practices for livestock enclosure construction and predator identification.


Version 4.2 is identical to Version 3.0 except for the addition of an anti-poisoning animated video (and the transcript of the video is in Instructions 4.2.)

Suitable for use in field conditions as it contains only simple graphics, this free game will be an invaluable outreach and educational tool for local communities.

Note: For downloading onto a Mac, if you have any troubles downloading the file due to Apple's security, a way to get around it is to right-click the installer file and select Open, this should trigger an extra option in the security warning to install it anyways. You only have to do this once, the system should remember the installer for any future installs (new major versions may reset this.)